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Protectaflex Vendhose white

Protectaflex - Dual Containment Hose

Protectaflex is the next generation dual containment hose system, offering all the benefits of existing products but in a smaller, lighter, and more manageable format.

Due to its lighter weight & reduced packaging, Protectaflex offers a significant reduction in shipping weight, lowering your carbon footprint.

The durable PU outer is UV stable and offers excellent clarity for visual inspection.
It is also manufactured from a WRAS approved material.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower cost. Up to 60% cheaper than Draw-Flex, Hose in Hose Dual Containment
  • Lower shipping and storage costs. Up to 48% lighter than Draw-Flex, Hose in Hose Dual Containment
  • Better flexibility & lower bend radius, easier to handle & easier to install than current dual contained product
  • Fittings can be swaged on, offering a comprehensive coupling, eliminating the risks of clips and the need for expensive bespoke dual contained fittings. Only one standard hose tail fitting required per end
  • Reduced packaging and fully recyclable resulting in a lower carbon foot-print
  • System designed catch-pots which enable the outer containment to be terminated inside the catch-pot
  • Ideal for temporary lines as no catch-pot is required
  • Potential to have a continuous run of inner dosing hose even with a catch-pot
  • In tests the PU outer did not distort when the inner hose burst
  • We can also offer Reinforced PVC, Hytrel Lined VendHose & PTFE as inner hoses.



Inner Size

ID Tol's

Burst Pressure inner

Bend Radius


VendHose with PU cover

VH 6.3 x 11.5mm

±0.25 mm

1000 PSI / 68.8 bar 

22 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 10 x 16mm

±0.25 mm

820 PSI / 56.4 bar

37 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 12.5 x 18.5mm

±0.25 mm

710 PSI / 48.9 bar

49 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 19 x 26mm

±0.25 mm

580 PSI / 40 bar

84 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 25 x 33mm

±0.40 mm

464 PSI / 32 bar

118 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 32 x 42mm

±0.65 mm

440 PSI / 31 bar

175 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 38 x 48mm

±0.65 mm

400 PSI / 27.5 bar

215 mm


VendHose with PU cover

VH 50 x 62mm

±0.65 mm

217 PSI / 15 bar

315 mm

Further Details:

Colour: Clear outer. VendHose - grey or white

Lengths: To order, minimum and maximum lengths apply

Temperature range: See individual inner hoses

Construction: Your choice of inner hose covered in UV stable, clear non-phthalate ether PU

Packing: Varies depending on lengths ordered

Printing: "Colex Protectaflex Dual Contained Hose WO/NO"

* WRAS approved for the conveyance of water up to 23°C - Approval Number 1209524. Technical information for use as a guide only. All colours & lengths are subject to stock. Pressure values given are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C based on a 3:1 safety factor. Any increase in temperature above 20°C will result in a decline in working pressure values.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the above information is accurate and correct, the conditions under which Colex products are used are beyond our control and therefore recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee. Colex reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. © 1999-2009 Colex International Limited, UK. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Please forward any questions or comments about this web site to our webmaster or fill in a feedback form.