The First Leak Detectable Chemical Dosing Hose

PF-Detect Colex PF-Detect has been designed to continue the benefits of the Colex Protectaflex dual contained hose, with the added advantage of a built in leak detection system.

It has been developed for the chemical dosing market to further reduce environmental leakage risk and is already approved by major water and wastewater treatment companies.

PF-Detect Alarm Box

The leak detection system only requires a minimal amount of liquid to trigger the alarm and shut off procedure, with the leaked liquid contained by the versatile polyurethane jacket.

Please see the PF-DetectTM page for more information, or call 01858 461 100 to speak to the sales office.


PF-Detect is 100% manufactured in the UK

WRAS - Water Regulation Advisory Scheme   Manufactured In the UK airbus approval BSI ISO9000 BSI Newage Industries

Quality British Manufacturing Since 1992

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